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Generating High-definition Images

Accurately preserving original colors by eliminating the color biases of image capturing conditions.

Color data from the surfaces of cultural properties is critical to preservation and restoration, along with high-quality visualization.

Yet the “colors” of a cultural property depend on the perceptions of the people who see them, not on the textures or tones of the object surfaces. Colors change when different persons view an object or when an object is perceived under different conditions.

Color measurements taken at the Izumizaki Yokoana Cave (Izumizaki Village, Fukushima Prefecture), a designated national historic site of Japan

Conventional photographic methods capture only colors available with specific photographic systems or under certain image capturing conditions. Colors under different lighting conditions, for example, cannot be accurately produced using captured color data.

Toppan uses a spectral radiance meter to measure the spectral reflectance characteristics of the surfaces of cultural properties. This allows Toppan to render highly precise color data unaffected by photographic conditions. Conventional spectral radiance meters measure one portion of the object surface at a time. Toppan has introduce methods to render more precise color data of expansive surfaces all at once using a proprietary process to analyze individual data and the spectral characteristics of lighting and photographic systems.

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