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TNM&TOPPAN Museum Theater (Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo)

Theater specifications

  • Opened in January 2013
  • 300 inch flat screen(6.6m x 3.7m)
  • Seating capacity 98

The Palace Museum Digital Institute (Beijing, China)

Theater specifications

  • Joint research institute of the Palace Museum China and Toppan founded in Oct.2003
  • 560 inch curved screen (13.5m x 4.2m)
  • Seating capacity 54

Printing Museum ,Tokyo (Toppan Koishikawa Bldg., Tokyo)

Theater specifications

  • Opened in June 2000
  • 500 inch curved screen(12m x 4m)
  • Seating capacity 30

National Museum of Identity (Tegucugalpa, Honduras)

Theater specifications

  • Opened in October 2006
  • 450 inch curved screen(11m x 3m)
  • Seating capacity 50

Theater GAIA (El-GAIA Ohi, Fukui Prefecture)

Theater specifications

  • Opened in July 2008
  • 900 inch curved screen(22m x 6m)
  • Seating capacity 80

Other introduction facility

Nikko Toshogu Museum (Tochigi)

Heijo-kyo History Museum (Nara)

Josaien (Kumamoto)

The Kofukuji National Treasure Museum (Nara)

Sakai City Museum (Osaka)

Azuchi Castle Museum. the "House of Nobunaga" (Shiga)

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