• About TNM & TOPPAN Museum Theater

About TNM & TOPPAN Museum Theater

TNM & TOPPAN Museum Theater will have been closed until Monday, January 1, 2018.

The concept of Museum Theater

TNM & TOPPAN MUSEUM THEATER is a facility where you can experience a new way of appreciating cultural properties by virtual reality (VR) technology.
At Museum Theater, we visualize the digital archive of the cultural properties focusing on the collections of Tokyo National Museum, under the concept of “Transcend time and space by VR”. You feel as if you are on the spot while an exclusive operator guides you through the high-definition 3D environment simulated by computer. You can also enjoy the reproduction of original appearances and magnified details of the properties, which is unique to computer graphics.

Audience-friendly guide to cultural properties in Japan and other countries

Unlike movie theaters, Museum Theater has an exclusive operator who operates VR system and guides you through the cultural properties and heritages with detailed explanation. You can enjoy the charm of Japanese and other cultures in each category, such as historic castles and art works.

Highly realistic and immersive VR

On a large screen with a width of 6.6m and a height of 3.7m, ultrahigh resolution 4K images are displayed. The images are four times more detailed than full HDTV and highly realistic and immersive. You can enjoy the explicit graphic images created by VR system in a spacious and relaxed atmosphere.

Advanced technologies behind the scenes

Museum Theater attempts to accurately express the original shapes and colors of precious cultural properties. The quality of screen productions is supported by advanced digital archive technologies including three-dimensional geometric measurements, high-definition photography and color measurements.

What is Virtual Reality?

In virtual reality (VR), you can experience the feeling as if you are in the place while moving through the high-definition 3D environment generated by computer in real time. At Museum Theater, we research on valuable cultural properties with limited public display period due to the preservation purpose and release the information for the public interest.

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