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江戸城の天守 The Keep of Edo Castlee
江戸城の天守 The Keep of Edo Castlee

江戸城の天守はどんな姿だったのでしょう? What did the keep of Edo Castle really look like?

Virtual reality recreation of the third-generation keep of Edo Castle


The last keep of Edo Castle built by the third shogun of Tokugawa Family, Tokugawa Iemitsu, is said to have been the largest in history and was created using the most advanced building techniques of the day and a tremendous amount of financial power. So what did this incredible castle actually look like? How was it made?
Designs and drawings give us some clues, as do the cultural assets and traditional techniques that survive to this day. We've used them to create a program that lets you join us in the exciting process of recreating the keep of Edo Castle.

  • 細部まで作りこんだ鯱
    Exquisitely crafted shachi carp ornaments

  • 考証を元に屋根の意匠と金具を再現
    Based on historical research,
    designs and ornamental metal fittings
    of the roof have been recreated

Structural recreation based on drawings

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