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伊能忠敬の日本図 Map of Japan created by Ino Tadataka
伊能忠敬の日本図 Map of Japan created by Ino Tadataka -Accurate and beautiful maps of Japan produced in the 19th century

一歩ずつなぞられた日本のかたち Shape of Japan that has been traced step by step


千葉県香取市 伊能忠敬記念館蔵

In the Edo period, Tadataka Ino surveyed Japan over a period of 17 years from the age of 56, and for the first time completed a map of Japan that had been made by taking actual measurements. In order to accurately measure distances, it is said that he trained himself to always walk with the same stride. As a result, the map he produced was so refined that it compares favorably to current satellite photos. Furthermore, he drew his map beautifully like a painting, describing details down to the terrain of the mountains and coastline and the landscape of the highways.
How did Tadataka and his team create this elaborate map? We will use virtual reality to uncover the mystery that surrounds Tadataka Ino's map of Japan, examining a wide range of aspects from the features of his work to his actual surveying method.

  • 江戸 Edo

  • 富士山 Mt.Fuji

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