About the VR Program

What is "VR"?

VR (Virtual Reality) enables viewers to traverse within a high quality 3D environment generated real time by a computer as if they were actually there. The Museum Theater uses this method for research and to offer viewing of precious cultural assets that are only available for public viewing during limited period due to preservation reasons.

Please refer to Toppan VR Digital Archive website for details.

Is it possible to view the past VR programs in DVD or other facilities?

The Museum Theater offers rerun of past programs.
TOPPAN also produces and offers VR programs that are not in the collection of Tokyo National Museum that can be viewed in theaters in and outside Japan. Some of those programs are also available in DVD.

Please refer to Toppan VR Digital Archive website for details.

When does program on offer change?

Program change around every three month.
Details on the offered program will be announced on this website.

Why does TOPPAN offer this kind of theater?

TOPPAN is strives to create new value for cultural assets through preserving cultural assets in a state before they deteriorate for the later generations and a new way to view them. This is made possible by digital archiving that has been developed since 1997 using printing technologies consisting mainly from our unique measurement technology that accurately digitalize cultural relics, color management technology that replicate texture of the color, and high-definition image processing technology combined with Toppan VR, a visualization method that utilize our unique digital technology.

The Museum Theater is operated as a joint project between the Tokyo National Museum and TOPPAN.
TOPPAN is promoting preservation and public viewing of cultural assets to not only preserve the assets themselves, but also pass down the passion of people that are involved in the preservation and pass down the assets to the next generations while increasing the number of fans of the assets.

About Viewing

Are the seats reserved seats? Which seats are best for viewing?

All seats are unreserved. Front center seats have the most immersion for viewing VR programs.

Is it possible to enter or exit during the program?

Entering and existing are prohibited as the theater will be dark during the program and unsafe to do so.
Theater will be opened five minutes before the viewing. Please come to the theater sufficiently ahead of time.

Is it possible to take photographs?

Taking photos or audio and video recording in the theater are prohibited.
You may take photos of exhibits in front of the theater waiting room but please refrain from flash photography or using stands.

Is it possible to enter on a wheelchair?

Yes, there is space available for visitors on wheelchairs.

Is there an English guidance?

Yes, we rent out audio guidance for free of charge.

About Tickets

Is it possible to change reserved time?

In general, reserved time cannot be changed.

Are there discounts such as membership programs and passes?

There are no such discounts.

Are there discounts for students or elderly?

There are no such discounts.

Is it possible to just view the theater without paying admission fee of the museum?

Admission fee is required to view the theater.