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The Keep of Edo Castle

What did the keep of Edo Castle really look like?

Designs and drawings give us some clues, as do the cultural artifacts and traditional techniques that survive to this day. We have used them to create a program that lets you join us in the exciting process of recreating the keep of Edo Castle.

January 2, 2024 – April 14, 2024

About us

Journey through Time and Space to Discover Cultures with VR

TNM & TOPPAN Museum Theater is a space to experience new ways of appreciating cultural assets with VR (virtual reality). You can feel as if you were actually traveling through a time in history with ultra-high definition 4K images, a large screen that projects cultural assets vividly, and a live session guided by a navigator. Please enjoy discovering new allure of cultural assets.

Visitors information

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Screening schedule

Wed, Thu, Fri

Sat, Sun, Holidays
* Running time : about 35 min.

* Screening times are subject to change.

* Admission starts 5 minutes prior to screening.

* You may not enter/exit mid-way through the program.

* We anticipate congestion just before the entrance time. Please purchase tickets as early as possible, well in advance of the show time.(Tickets must be purchased on the day of viewing.)


High school students and above 600yen
Elementary school students and junior high school students 300yen

Pre-school children / Persons with disability and one person accompanying them


* One-time fee per screening


Tokyo National Museum
B1 floor of the Toyokan
13-9 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-8712, Japan

  • (JR Line) 10 minutes from Ueno or Uguisudani Station
  • (Ginza or Hibiya Tokyo Metro Line) 15 minutes from Ueno Station
  • (Chiyoda Tokyo Metro Line) 15 minutes from Nezu Station
  • (Keisei Line) 15 minutes from Keisei Ueno Station