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Scenes in and around Kyoto, Funaki Version

Scenes in and around Kyoto, Funaki Version

April 17–July 15, 2024

Witness the life and culture of old Kyoto in vivid detail!

Scenes in and around Kyoto (Funaki Version) is a National Treasure housed at the Tokyo National Museum. Named after the Funaki family, its former owners, this artwork depicts the city of Kyoto across two folding screens as it appeared four-hundred years ago. Over 2,500 people from all walks of life are vividly portrayed throughout the composition.
This movie invites you to explore Scenes in and around Kyoto through a high-definition virtual-reality experience. It captures the bustle of the summer Gion Festival and reveals surprising details that often go unnoticed, such as people enjoying picnics under blooming cherry trees.

[Supervision] Tokyo National Museum
[Production] TOPPAN Inc.


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April 17–July 15, 2024

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Maximum screening capacity : 90

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