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Secrets of Screen Paintings

KUKAI The origin of Japanese esoteric Buddhism
— Means of true wisdom The Sculpture Mandala of To-ji Temple

The “Prayer Form” created by Kobo Daishi Kukai, to express the ultimate teachings that can’t be put into words.

The Mandala enlightenment represented by this To-ji temple auditorium, considered a masterpiece of exoteric Buddhist sculpture, can be fully unlocked through VR.

March 27, 2019 – June 30, 2019

About us

Journey through Time and Space to Discover Cultures with VR

TNM & TOPPAN Museum Theater is a space to experience new ways of appreciating cultural assets with VR (virtual reality). You can feel as if you were actually traveling through a time in history with ultra-high definition 4K images, a large screen that projects cultural assets vividly, and a live session guided by a navigator. Please enjoy discovering new allure of cultural assets.

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Screening schedule

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* Running time : about 35 min.

* Admission starts 5 minutes prior to screening.

* You may not enter/exit mid-way through the program.

* Please purchase an admission ticket prior to screening (same day only).


High school students and above 500yen
Elementary and junior high school students 300yen
Pre-school children / Persons with disability and one person accompanying them FREE

* Regular Exhibition Set Ticket : Adults 1,000yen / University students 800yen

* One-time fee per exhibit


Tokyo National Museum
Toyokan(Asian Gallery)-B1F :
13-9 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-8712, Japan

  • (JR Line) 10 minutes from Ueno or Uguisudani Station
  • (Ginza or Hibiya Tokyo Metro Line) 15 minutes from Ueno Station
  • (Chiyoda Tokyo Metro Line) 15 minutes from Nezu Station
  • (Keisei Line) 15 minutes from Keisei Ueno Station